who we are

our approach


"Wouldnt wanna be recording anywhere else, from the environment to the people to the equipment, all around the place to be recording your next project, shooting your album artwork, or video work".

          -- @NSMOKIEE 

"From the outside looks like an ordinary building then you step into reality and everything changes, every room has its uniqueness and offers something different".

         -- Almost everybody who steps in for first time


     Chico California's only premier recording plug and play studio. From professional to inspiring musicians plug in and sound like a pro. The studio specializes in recording live bands and cutting the cleanest vocals as well as mixing and mastering. We have tracks from the hottest producers and top notch studio musicians to help you complete your next project. So whatever you need, make the studio your choice for your next hit record or quality demo.

 The studio was developed in 2016 with the mindset to create a hit factory in the north state at a premier plug and play live recording studio. Our goal at the studio is to help bring all the Northern California talent out and help create smash records that give a voice to the region. We welcome all genres of music and all levels of musical experience. The studio is for everyone and all projects are treated with the highest level of production quality.

     I built the studio after something that I always wanted as a artist especially with a tight budget and time schedule. A studio where we could show up and play on the best equipment, already mic checked so the band could plug in and go. So many times we would get to the studio, set up for hours and by the time the studio was ready to record the drummer was sleeping. At the studio we have a green screen as well as a black and white screen for video production and photography. This is what my staff and I came up with. We look forward to helping you with your next single or demo.